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Having more money in our life does not necessarily mean having to work harder. If you observe the world around you, you will notice that some people work hard to make ends meet, while others often have money flowing to them consistently. How much money we allow into our lives is often limited by our beliefs. By using visualization techniques, you can start to change and expand your belief system to create more wealth and prosperity.

Visualization is using your thoughts, feelings, and visual images to imagine how your want your life to be. You can be of any religious or spiritual affiliation to access the power of visualization, its available to everyone. By focusing and imagining what you would like to create, you are able to bring the essence of what you want into your life.

Effective visualization requires concentration and focus in a relaxed state. You should be in a quiet private place, and if you prepare yourself with relaxation exercises such as stretching, yoga, or meditation, you’ll find it easier to focus and shut out the distractions of the outside world. If you can set aside a regular time and place for your visualization, over time, you will also find it easier to relax and get focused.

As a prosperity tool, starting with a clear intent will contribute to the success of your visualization. You should have a clear goal and outcome in mind. Are you looking to pay bills more easily, or increase your savings account, or purchase something special? By focusing on what you want, but not necessarily how to make it happen, you allow room for it to come about in many ways. Start your visualization with one specific outcome in mind and you will increase your success.

After you are relaxed, begin to picture the desired outcome in your mind. Place yourself in the picture, and imagine how it would be for you if you had what you wanted. Invest as much positive feeling into your visualization as possible. Your enjoyment and appreciation of what you create is like the gas the gets your visualization going. By amplifying how you would feel when you have what you want, you bring it closer to you.

When you leave your state of visualization, you have created a positive touchstone. You should focus on it often throughout your day, but always from a place of positive expectation. It can take on the feeling of a pleasant daydream that you enjoy thinking about. Once you start practicing visualization techniques, you will probably see some changes. Usually, small things will start to happen first, which can propel you to continue to visualize as you wait for the large things you want to manifest. Having more prosperity doesn’t have to be difficult. If you would like to create more wealth and abundance in your life without automatically applying hard work, try using these simple visualization techniques.

Amy Wells

Amy Wells is a practitioner of visualization, the law of attraction, and other universal laws of success. If you'd like to create more wealth in your life, visit for a free report.


Article source: Visualization-An Effective Prosperity Tool

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