Article by Wallace D. Wattles.
Table of Contents Preface
Table of Contents Preface

Wallace D. Wattles

Wallace Delois Wattles (1860-1911) was an American author and a pioneer success writer.

Wallace Wattles practiced the technique of creative visualization. In his daughter Florence’s words, he “formed a mental picture” or visual image, and then “worked toward the realization of this vision”:

He wrote almost constantly. It was then that he formed his mental picture. He saw himself as a successful writer, a personality of power, an advancing man, and he began to work toward the realization of this vision. He lived every page... His life was truly the powerful life.

His most famous work is a 1910 book called The Science of Getting Rich in which he explains how to get rich. He personally "tested" the principles he describes in his book and they worked, as although he had lived most of his life in poverty, in his later years became rich. Other books by Wallace include A New Christ, Health Through New Thought and Fasting, The Science of Being Great, The Science of Being Well, Making of the Man Who Can and a novel, Hellfire Harrison.

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