Although I shouldn’t be, I find myself blown away by the response to the book and film The Secret. It seems that so many people are talking about it. People that ordinarily would not think to look twice at something like this.

The Secret for those that may have been lost in the wilds of Nevada or the moon for the past six months is an explanation of a Universal law or principle, if you will, the law of attraction. Just as with the Law of Gravity, what goes up must come down. The Law of Attraction states that whatever we focus our thoughts and emotions on we will attract to us.

The key word here is focus. Just thinking about an elephant isn’t likely to bring an elephant in to your life, no more than my thinking of that lady at church the other day is going to bring her into my life.

However, if I place my focused thought combined with my focused emotions combined with Universal actions, then for better or worse I can bring that elephant, lady or anything else into my life. The formula is TFAR, Thoughts + Feelings + Action = Results.

The problem I see with the film and book as I understand them is that they place too much emphasis upon thoughts without following up on the rest of the formula. It all starts with Thoughts; and if you did nothing but change your thoughts to a higher energy than they may presently be, it is true you would raise the level and quality of your life. It is like taking a weed infested yard and removing the weeds so that it would look better. Until you replace the weeds with something better, grass or flowers, then you haven’t really improved anything.

What really amazed me, although, there again it should not have, was the opponents of this film and the information it contained. If you want to know the quality of anything, look at the ones that come out against it, not for it. In this instance, just as the film and book said, the ones in the most opposition are those in political and religious positions of authority.

It stands to reason, for if people began to utilize this information and seek out the entire formula, then they would no longer stand for the B. S. being handed down by those leaders in positions of political and religious authority.

The challenge today is that more and more of the ancient information that has been suppressed for centuries is being made available for mass consumption. This information has always been available to a few in secrecy, handed down from one to another usually in verbal form. The challenge isn’t so much what is being revealed; the challenge is discovering the flowers from the weeds.

Of course this has always been true. In this Instance, remember where you place your focused, directed thought with intense controlled feeling (emotion) while allowing the Universe to act as you release it allows it to appear or manifest in your reality. Remember also that PEACE is POWER. To have peace once one must be peace.
We can truly have or be anything we choose if we only TFARed.

In Love, Light, and Peace,

Be blessed and have a wonderful 1st day of the rest of your life.

W. Isaac Norris 3rd

W. Isaac Norris 3rd gives you Psychic Spiritual Counseling that you can use, using the Spiritual guides & oracles to discover cosmic patterns in your current challenges, relationships, career, finances, health, spirituality, uncovering REAL SOLUTIONS. Connect with my many years of experience in Listening, psychism, prayer, meditation, psychology, and the healing arts to accurately pinpoint the sources of your conflicts and offer workable solutions. I Listen and care, you'll feel my love there. You'll grow and you'll heal, these two are for real. My personal Misssion Statement is " finding solutions together" Love & LIGHT


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Article source: The Amazing Response to “The Secret”

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