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Have you ever wondered why some have so much and others have so little? Not everyone knows they have a Cosmic Credit Card that entitles them to free access and use of the playground complete with endless mall. Time to bust the myth and get started charging up your Cosmic Credit. 

The universe is like a gigantic playground complete with an endless shopping mall. You can have and experience whatever you want by using your Cosmic Credit Card. The aim of the Cosmic Mall is to provide you with opportunities to feel good and have fun.

These are the Cosmic Credit Card rules for the Cosmic Mall:

1. Cosmic credit is infinite – there are no restrictions or limitations. You can have whatever it is you desire.

2. There is no ‘debt’ with the Cosmic Credit Card – you simply use the Card and get what you desire.

3. Everyone has access to Cosmic Credit with their very own Cosmic Credit Card.

4. Once you place an order, let the Cosmic Mall look after its delivery – they know what they are doing and will deliver when and how it is best for you. This may not always be on the timetable you expect or in the way you anticipate. Just simply find delight in the expectation that the delivery will always be fantastic, and in ways you never imagined.

How to maximise your Cosmic Credit Card

Once you realise that you do in fact have a Cosmic Credit Card, you can optimise its use by following some basic steps:

1. Be clear on what you truly desire. Your Card only activates with very specific instructions. It is no good putting in a shopping request for a ‘better wardrobe’. You’ll be overwhelmed by all the choices in the endless mall. You need to put some detail in the order. You need to be specific such as – a new pair of summer sandals from Escala, a red summer cotton dress, an Italian power suit from Feraud. This will help the Cosmic Credit Card zero in on exactly your desired item.

2. Use the preview button. Back each request with a powerful preview of what you ordered. For example, if you ordered a brand new red Mazzaratti, imagine yourself driving that sweet little thing right now, feel the wind in your hair, the excitement run through your body, the exhilaration of cornering. When you supercharge an order like this with tons of electrical emotional energy, then the order gets sent express and rockets through the mall ready for delivery.

3. Clean up any contradictory orders. Check to see if you have any thoughts that may cancel out your order. For example, if you put in an order for a new job but then think, I will be so busy, there will be no time for the kids, what if they don’t like me, what if I make a big mistake… These kinds of thoughts and negative emotional energy interfere with a Cosmic Order and may in fact cancel the request. If you are wondering where your order is, this is often the reason – you have sent out a cancelling request, sometimes without really being aware you are doing so.

Any negative thinking, doubts, or fears send out a ‘cancel’ message.

4. Supercharge your credit. If you do occasionally send out a ‘cancel’ message by accident, then you can reverse this by reminding yourself of your original order, pull out the preview, and then boost your credit with some heartfelt appreciation for your existing purchases and experiences. Each of these strategies will negate one hundred ‘cancel’ orders. So the more often you feel good, the more often you get excited about your order, and the more often you feel grateful for what you already have, then the quicker your order will get delivered by the Cosmic Mall.

What’s the catch?

Not everyone knows about the Cosmic Credit Card. They believe that there is never something for nothing and so hesitate in using the Card, fearful they will owe something later. This is a misunderstanding – your Credit is limitless and you owe nothing for it.

People are fearful that their Credit will run out. They don’t use it much afraid that their limit will be reached and the Card seized. There are no limits, and no one can seize your Credit Card.

People feel they don’t deserve to use their Cosmic Credit Card. They feel they haven’t earned the right to use it. Every human being is granted a Cosmic Credit Card the day they are born. Their job is to figure out how to use it. The only obligation you have in exchange for the Credit Card is to be happy and appreciate all the gifts you receive with your Cosmic Credit Card.

Some individuals simply do not know they have a Cosmic Credit Card to use at all. They imagine themselves outside the playground, on the other side of an imaginary fence, shut out from the riches of the world. Meanwhile the Cosmic Credit Card sits unused in their back pocket. Socialisation does not teach many about the Cosmic Playground and this is a very sad state of affairs. It is your job as someone who now knows about the Cosmic Credit Card to educate others on how to activate their own Card.

Lastly, your only job is to feel good – feel good about your orders, feel good about what you already have and experience, feel good by expressing gratitude, and have fun.

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Zoe Routh

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