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Most of the time people are not even conscious of their money buttons. The following questions will expose where your money buttons are.

What is my relationship like with money?

For example, do I think, ‘money is my friend’, ‘money hangs out with me’, ‘money loves me’, ‘money slips through my fingers’, ‘money causes me stress’, etc. 

What are my feelings like around money?

For example, worry, fear, joy, excitement, etc.

What are my beliefs around money?

For example, money does not grown on trees, money is the root of all evil, rich people are selfish, money flows to me in abundance, etc.

What is my earliest money memory?

This is your earliest memory of the importance, role, or impact of money. Typically the memory had a strong emotional charge to it.

What did I learn about money from my family?

What kind of attitudes do my family have to money, what did they teach me (overtly or inadvertently) about money?

How does saving money make me feel?

How does spending money make me feel?

When it comes to money I should ….

How do I respond when I see images of enormous houses, a BMW or other luxury car, big diamond rings, overseas travel destinations – things that typically have a high monetary value?

What kinds of conversations do I have around money with my friends and family?

What kinds of attitudes do my closest friends have about money and wealth?

How do I explain why some people have so much money and others have so little?

Do I resonate with the following statements?
I deserve to be wealthy
I am ok with being wealthy
I enjoy my wealth
I am wildly wealthy and enjoy whatever I want
There is more than enough for everyone.
I feel good about money and my relationship with it.

What do I want from my relationship with money?

What do I not want from my relationship with money?

What would I do with $20 million?

What would change for me if I had $20 million?

If you felt uncomfortable answering any of these questions, chances are you have exposed a money button. The money button reveals old emotional patterns that were likely burned in to your psyche throughout your younger years. As a result, you would have repeated the same patterns, no matter how uncomfortable or negative, because this is what you learned at a subconscious level to be true about money. The patterns get repeated and worn in to your regular thoughts and feelings just like a path gets worn in grass through repeated use.

As an adult you can recognise that you are not getting the results you want with regards to wealth, money, and abundance and are now ready to defuse these buttons and install a more comfortable and positive money button – one that triggers feelings of excitement, energy, enthusiasm, gratitude, and pleasure.

How do you install new money buttons?

You have just completed Step 1 – become aware of them. For the rest of the steps, read my article, “Install new money buttons and feel your way to financial freedom” on this website.

Zoe Routh

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