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Hypnosis has long been a matter of debate. Some people consider it a tool of behavioural modification believing that it really can have some good effects on treating problems like weight management. Other people are sceptical and regard hypnosis as just a kind of fake magic. The question is: Does hypnosis for weight loss work? Let us try to find out in this article.

Research has shown that hypnosis has a significant effect on weight loss management and it has been found out that hypnosis has equally positive effects on weight loss programs. Despite the belief that hypnosis is just a kind of fake magic, it has been used as an effective clinical tool to modify behavior and to help people manage their overweight status. We can, thus, say that hypnosis for weight loss works – at least to some extent. But does hypnosis for weight loss work in general?

As with any tool you will have to apply hypnosis correctly in order to get results. Therefore, the next question to be asked is: How does hypnosis for weight loss work? Hypnosis can help you to change your habits for the better by communicating with your mind on the subliminal level. Your success depends on how effective this communication with your mind on the subliminal level is. We can, thus, affirm the question does hypnosis for weight loss work in general; it is essential, however, for you to provide your subconscious with the right instructions in order to get results.

If you are still doubtful about whether hypnosis for weight loss works or not, you can visit the website of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH), which is in fact the largest U.S. organization dealing with health and mental health care and actively makes use of the art of clinical hypnosis. The members of this organization are psychologists, psychiatrists, marriage counsellors and family therapist, mental health counsellors, clinical social workers, nurses, doctors and other people. They have applied a lot of effort promoting research on this kind of clinical hypnosis and on helping people to change their behavior.

The ASCH carried out a nine-week program of hypnosis for weight loss work and found out that people who had been hypnotized achieved better results in the management of weight loss than those who had not been hypnotized. The same kind of research was carried out again two years later with the hypnosis group still achieving better results than the non-hypnosis group. In this way they managed to prove the question does hypnosis for weight loss work beyond any doubt.

In another research program, categorizing 60 women into hypnosis- and non-hypnosis groups for weight loss management purposes, it was found that the hypnosis-group showed an average result of 17 pounds weight loss compared to 5 pound weight loss among those who had not been hypnotized. Thus, there is no doubt about the fact that hypnosis for weight loss works for those who really want to get rid of fat and extra weight.

Oliver Hetzel

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Article source: Does Hypnosis For Weight Loss Work? The Truth About Weight Loss by Hypnosis

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