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Wanting to dig a little deeper into how you expect to the world to show up for you? Tony Robbins says to get better answers, you need to ask better questions. In The One Command we tell you to ask “What do I want instead?” That is probably the best question you will ever ask yourself. And if you are curious about why “what is” is not what you want-you can ask yourself more questions. Adopt an attitude of curiosity and your self-awareness will deepen & expand.

I invite you to spend some time asking yourself these questions. Be sure you take the time to receive the answer! You might just be wonderfully surprised. You will notice that not one question asks Why? Asking why will only give you the ‘story’ about why you do or do not have what you want. Better questions do not look for the story or the reasons. They do not excuse, blame, criticize or judge. Better questions look for the answer. Once you have the answer, you already have a great tool for creating new outcomes. Use this month’s TOC Challenge!

1. Where am I yet bound by personality and habitual thoughts of lack?
2. How does holding onto (____________) serve me? What’s the benefit of keeping it?
3. What am I afraid will happen if I let it go?
4. What is standing between me and what I want?
5. How do I expect the world (people) to show up for me in ________?
6. Where do I have the ‘brakes’ on in my life?
7. What opportunity is here that I am not grasping?
8. What good is here that I’m not seeing?
9. What gift within me is seeking to emerge?

What do you choose instead?

Bonnie Strehlow

Bonnie is a Consultant, Performance Coach, Intuitive Counselor and Workshop facilitator who offers advanced healing modalities to clear the physical, mental and emotional blocks that prevent individuals from achieving their goals and living their dreams. Using a powerful transformational change model, Bonnie helps you adopt a perspective of curiosity rather than fear. ?We all have within us the wisdom and resources to live fully in the moment with joy, health, energy, engagement, passion and prosperity. We simply need to decide we?re ready and have the courage to start on the path to greater emotional satisfaction and physical health.

About The One Command: The "Secret" is a secret no longer. The One Command is a simple to use technique that stops limitation and attracts more success, health, wealth and happiness in a moment. Change your inner world and see the results in your outer world in every way imaginable! Seminars and Commanding Wealth Circles are being held all around the world. Contact Bonnie Strehlow for more information.

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