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According to WebMD, a poll taken by the American Psychological Association, there is more stress today than five years ago. Over 54% of people feel anxiety over financial issues such as rent, credit cards and paychecks. Stress and anxiety are both a state of mind. How you deal with stress and anxiety are completely up to you. Some manage anxiety well while others do not know how to manage their feelings. Learning to manage anxiety and stress can be done, but can also be difficult without help.

First you must identify what your stress and anxiety triggers are. The holidays are a good example of a stress that is not immediately thought of. One person might look at the holidays as a nice fun experience and enjoy making a large dinner for a big family. Another person might look at this same situation and have a panic attack. Other causes of stress and anxiety are obvious such as losing a job, having no money or moving.

Next you must identify what reaction you have to these triggers. Some people eat when they are stressed or nervous, while others drink or smoke. Maybe you get irritable or cry often. Whatever your reactions to high levels of anxiety are, it is important to identify them and understand why you react this way.

It is critical to learn both your triggers and lean how you respond in order to be successful. If you do not learn how to manage anxiety, you can have serious consequences. Not only does anxiety and stress cause heart attacks, high blood pressure and ulcers it can also cause other things you may not think of. For example, chronic headaches, acne, teeth grinding, and make you more prone to illness such as a cold or flu. Your personal life can be affected as well. Your abilities to manage a family crisis, reach goals and perform well are work are also diminished.

One new way of to achieve proper stress management is through hypnosis. Hypnosis works with the subconscious mind allowing for deep relaxation. It can also help uncover hidden triggers and reactions to anxiety or stress. You will learn to block out triggers and simply choose to have a different reaction when you a faced with a trigger. There are of course other treatments such as counseling, group support and medications just to name a few.

Some people feel other more traditional approaches to anxiety treatment should be consulted first. However, medications only deal with the chemical reactions in the brain at the time of high stress levels. Counseling and support groups can be a challenge for most people and their busy lives. It is difficult to make every support group meeting and also difficult to open yourself up to a complete stranger when you are thinking on a conscious level. Since hypnosis does not use chemicals and works with the subconscious mind, you are able to get the full benefits of the treatment and work through your issues privately.

Those who suffer from anxiety know how difficult situations can be and how frustrating it is to suffer from this condition. You have taken then first step in your treatment, you are acknowledged you have a problem and want to fix it, now here is the most difficult part, deciding what treatment is right for you. Now it is time to get going on your research. While you are doing so, think about what is important and most nurturing for you. You want to make sure whatever treatment you go with, you are getting all you can out of it, hypnosis will allow for all of that and more.

Sara Mendez

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Article source: Anxiety – How Hypnosis Can Help

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