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1. Reflection. Start with a reflection of what you wish to manifest. Ask yourself if this is what you really want. Some people tend to wish haphazardly. While I do not doubt that you will eventually get what you wish and the universe will not complain with all the orders you send, the fulfillment of your wish may cause some negative effects in your life. It may cause you grief, unhappiness & frustration. So before writing down your order, reflect on it first. If you are just starting out, make some simple wishes.

2. The illusion of control. Another thing to keep in mind before you start manifesting is avoid making a wish where you wish to take control of someone else’s life. Each one of us has been granted a free will, to attempt to control another person is a clear violation of that person’s right. Imagine how it would feel if you were manipulated by another person.

More so, if you maintain a thought of becoming in control you will end up becoming controlled yourself. The more you keep obsessing a thing or a person, the more you will be controlled such that all your decisions, choices and actions are made with much consideration of that thing. Even if you know that you will not benefit from that action, you will still do it if you think it is a way of controlling the situation.

3. All creations start with a thought. It originates in the mind. Nothing can be made without it being visualized in the mind first. Once you start to think a thought and put a very powerful emotion with it, it is already a combination that will start a chain reaction towards its fulfillment. No this is not to say that it will just assemble itself into something tangible, its creation will come about by a set of orchestrated designs through opportunities. So open your self to opportunities, do not hold on to a design on how it should be done.

4.The subconscious. Our mind has 3 levels of consciousness. The one we are in when we are awake is the conscious mind. The conscious mind is filled with active thoughts passing every second. If you have noticed, there is never a moment that your mind is not thinking. We think all the time and the quality of these thoughts has a profound effect on our entire life. Most people’s thoughts is on problems & lack, no wonder most people at poor, over stressed & over worked.

The 2nd level is the subconscious mind. The subconscious is the gateway to the realization of your creation. Whatever thought it is fed will become the reality of that person. The subconscious operates when the mind is relaxed such as during meditation or hypnosis. It is the principle being used in self-improvement or to treat smoking through hypnosis. In hypnosis, the subject is put into a trance. In this state, the conscious mind is at rest making the subject open to suggestions.

The subconscious will accept anything that it is being fed. Even during waking hours, the constant repetition of a thought will cause it be embedded or retained by the subconscious mind. Constantly thinking of lack coupled with constant complains & verbalization of lack will lead the subconscious to a belief that there is indeed lack. You will create what you always think about. Lack = lack. Lack cannot be equal to abundance.

You do not need to be in a relaxed mind in order to program yourself for lack. You know why? Because most of us made a habit of thinking only this negative thought. In addition to that, we affirm it daily with our complaints and power it with emotions of frustrations. On the other hand, a positive thought is just so hard to believe in the midst of our conceived reality. If we so believe in the present reality, it is hard to think abundance without saying “Yeah right!”

5. Openness. Whatever you desire will be manifested in ways which you may not expect or planned. Your job is just to make known what you want to manifest, how it is going to be manifested is the job of the universe, God or whatever power you conceive the “source” to be. You can only think of one, two or three ways but the “source” can find or design so much more. So be open and do not limit yourself to what is present in your reality.

6. Giving. In order to receive you, must give. The mechanism that triggers the act of receiving your desires is the act of giving. If you give more, you are creating a consciousness of “having more” because you are giving. The “having more” consciousness will manifest in your reality as abundance.

7. Let Go. I have read that manifesting is like planting a seed. If you keep on digging it to check on its development, it will never grow. Seeds need to be planted on a good soil, watered frequently, given sunlight & be allowed to grow. Same with a wish, once you have already sent it out let it manifest on its own. Give it the time to grow and become what it is suppose to be.

8. Give thanks. Make a habit of giving thanks for whatever you receive, however small. A certain author of a book mentioned that whenever she had to write a check to pay her bills she would put a message of thanks because she can pay her bills. Be grateful for the things you receive & be grateful for the things you have to give. Most of all, be grateful for the things you can conceive with your mind even if you cannot conceive it with your senses yet.

Manifesting is a wonderful gift to help us achieve our ultimate potential. History has shown us the men & women who achieved more than we thought possible. They were not specially favored; the only difference is that they know how to use the power of their minds. This knowledge had been known for centuries & had been used to attract success & abundance. Whether you are experiencing small successes or none at all, manifesting is at your disposal you only have to choose.

Joann Ang

Joann Ang. She is a traveler in this mysterious and abundant universe. She owns the website which is a journal of how she has used the art of manifesting in her life. She has found that the tremendous power to enjoy the abundance of this world lies within oneself. Through this website, she hopes to share her experience with conscious creation.


Article source: 8 Things you Need to Know Before Manifesting

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