Despite the best efforts of the current administration, our economy likely has a way to go before it perks up. Does that mean you should dread the coming months or years, or sit back and simply watch the “inevitable” unfold?

No way. Not you.

You see, the smartest among us are choosing to view the current situation as a laboratory for creativity.

A chance to get clear about what they really need and want.

An opportunity to connect with their friends, with spirituality and the mind’s power—instead of consumer goods and pursuits that require ongoing infusions of money, and don’t satisfy ultimately.

As a hypnotist for well over a decade, I recommend focusing on the power of your own mind to make change instead of bemoaning the financial climate.

Of course, several tools come to mind: meditation, relaxation activities such as yoga, and my favorite, hypnosis, and its first cousin, creative visualization.

Specifically, how can hypnosis help you right now? The best answer comes from how my clients and I have been using hypnosis in the past year:

1-Hypnosis can help you spend less by diminishing your desire to relieve stress or bad feelings with “shopping therapy.” You’ll be able to better handle those feelings, and turn to activities that nourish your mind and encourage helpful emotions.

Far more helpful than soothing feelings by filling the shopping cart, yes? And there’s more where that came from:

2-Hypnosis can help upgrade skills faster with less effort and stress, helping prepare and position you for better jobs. And boost confidence sky-high so you can perform better in resume writing, interviewing, thinking quickly, and even presenting a thoughtful, warm presence when meeting new people.

3-Hypnosis can help you develop mental flexibility, more quickly assessing the person interviewing you, seeing how you might fit the company’s needs, and instinctively knowing how well you’d like that position if offered.

4-Hypnosis can help you triumph in networking events and job fairs with a presence that makes you stand out from others.

5-Hypnosis can help you more easily approach contacts for recommendations and references.

6-Hypnosis can help you think faster, younger, and sharper. While you can’t change your biological age, you can use hypnosis to increase flexibility in thinking and physical movement.

7-Hypnosis can help you relax after hours of job hunting or a very full day at the office with your new responsibilities.

And there’s plenty more. Think about what you want in your life now, and hypnosis can likely help you get there faster and more pleasantly.

A hypnotist who does change-making work can help you assess needs and hypnotize you to feel calmer and more motivated.

You may find yourself better at making new career choices, interviewing, asking for references, and even motivating yourself to get started in seeking a new position.

If you enjoy the hypnotic process—and its results—consider learning how to self-hypnotize. Ask your hypnotist to teach you, or find a class. ©2009 by Wendy Lapidus-Saltz. All rights reserved.

Wendy N. Lapidus-Saltz

Wendy Lapidus-Saltz is a mind coach who teaches people how to change their minds to change their lives: in career, personal goals, and the love and dating area. Learn more at and Then schedule your complimentary 15-minute phone consult: 312-640-1584.

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Article source: 7 Ways Hypnosis Can Help You Triumph Over This Economy

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